Migration as a service

Server workloads migrated from
location-to-location made easy by

    • Keep migration downtime to a minimum
    • Ensure migration success through
      pre-flight testing and validation
    • Stay in control with migration dashboards
    • A managed approach that reduces complexity
    • Platform agnostic: Windows, Linux, Unix and more


Automated server migration:
What it is, how it works, and why you benefit.

This guide gives you essential background to server migration. It takes you through the steps of migration including: planning, preparation, testing, execution and user cut over. Plus you'll learn how you can stay in control using visual dashboards as the process progresses.

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We assess your systems and recommend a target environment. Rightsize your environment to gain availability and savings.


Migrate and sync

Keep your production and target systems in sync. Move users to your new target servers when you are ready.



Monitor your migration status with visual dashboards. Project management and reporting simplified.

Take the complexity out of moving to new computing infrastructure
and keep downtime to a minimum.

If you are looking to move workloads from one location to another, Interactive’s Migration as a Service is the solution. 

The service allows moving of workloads - with no change to the way your business operates - to new underlying compute platforms. Use the service to:

  • Upgrade to new physical servers

  • Consolidate servers to a virtual environment

  • Move from one virtual environment to another

  • Move to public or private cloud

The interruption to your users will be minimised and your focus can remain on other business critical issues. We assist you to prepare and carry out the move, assessing your existing workload and determining a new target environment.

We work with you to: 

    • Rightsize your compute capacity to save you money

    • Ensure authentication and security

    • Plan your migration

    • Set-up the automated migration process and test

    • Execute the migration and cut over to the new production environment

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